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SanSal produces Colorado grown phytocannabinoid rich hemp using strict protocols and materials yielding broad spectrum phytocannabinoid rich hemp oils, distillates and phytocannabinoid Isolates.

On our farm in southwest Colorado in the high altitude foothills of the Rocky Mountains we grow high phytocannabinoid hemp plants rooted in purity. Our proprietary genetics plants are cultivated from tissue cultures and clones using sustainable farming practices that preserve soil integrity and precious Rocky Mountain water . We use no pesticides nor any  non-organic  fertilizers.  We are committed to conscious cultivation and protecting our soils.

The Whole Hemp Difference

Whole Plant Hemp Oil contains the entire broad spectrum of cannabinoids extracted from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants by various advanced extraction methods similar to those used to extract essential oils and other compounds from many plant types for use in  foods and pharmaceuticals.

Only whole plant hemp oil provides the essential phytocannabinoid entourage effect resulting from the synergistic absorption of the hemp cannabinoids by the receptors of the human endocannabinoid system. SanSal oils are healthier, more effective, safer.

SanSal offers superior quality  whole plant broad spectrum phytocannabinoid hemp oils in various strengths and formulations including oils formulated to customer’s specifications.

Isolating the Ingredients In Whole Plant Oil

Our Colorado grown high phytocannabinoid hemp oil yields high quality whole plant derivatives. The hemp plant natural waxes, terpenes and flavonoids are all present in our extracted whole plant oil to maintain  the oil flavor, aroma and texture.

SanSal Whole Plant Hemp Oil  yields various derivatives, distillates, fractions, and isolates through advanced extraction methods including Biotage, C02 and an efficient, innovative ethanol spray-evaporation.

All our derivatives are independently certified as having high cannabinoid content, totally free of dissolved solids and solvents  because of our meticulous extractions. Because we use only organic protocols our products are  totally free of pesticides and heavy metals.   SanSal crystal isolates have been independently certified as being  at least 99.8% pure with zero solvents.

Rooted in Purity

Our processes and materials yield pure plants. Pure plants yield residue, pesticide, mold, disease, and heavy metal free oils . Pure oils yield pure distillates and high potency solvent free isolates.  Our clean, pharmaceutical grade laboratory produces pure extractions,  formulations and products following strict GMP.

Aided by pure Colorado High Altitude Air and Pure Rocky Mountain Water, our products are :   Rooted in Purity

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We are  eager to share the latest information about phytocannabinoid rich Hemp oil,phytocannabinoid, the benefits and uses of hemp oils and other derivatives and which hemp products may be best for you.

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